Exercise for cancer groups

When undergoing treatment for cancer there are many side effects that can influence your day to day life. These can be due to surgery, chemotherapy/radiotherapy and medications.  As a result of these interventions there can be changes to the function of your joints and muscles, reductions in bone density / muscle strength and increased fatigue to name a few.  Exercise has been shown to be a beneficial part of the treatment protocol to counter-act these side effects for many types of cancer including breast and prostate.


Exercise can help to:


  • improve aerobic fitness
  • improve strength
  • improve physical function (eg – regain shoulder movement and strength following mastectomy)
  • reduce fatigue
  • improve body composition (increase bone density and muscle mass)
  • improve quality of life
  • reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

Regenerate Physiotherapy provides individual assessment and programs for clients undergoing treatment for cancer or post-treatment.  An initial assessment takes 60 minutes and is taken by Romola McGann, Sports Physiotherapist. This will include discussion on your past and current medical history and your exercise history. There will be physical assessment that examines your joint function along with any other muscles that need specific consideration. Youwill then move to the gym to get a baseline measure of your strength and cardiovascular fitness. We request that you bring a clearance letter from your Doctor (GP or Specialist) and wear exercise clothing, plus bring a towel and water bottle. An individualised program will be developed for you that will include cardio, resistance training, stretches and other specific exercises. The group sessions runs three times per week for 60 mins on Mon/Wed/Fri afternoons. It is supervised by a Physiotherapist so that at any stage your program can be modified or progressed. Sometimes this will depend how you are feeling on the day. If you have private health cover you should be able to claim a rebate for classes. The code is 560 – Group Physiotherapy. Any queries call Romola McGann, Sports Physiotherapist, 9284 0388

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