Physiotherapy assessment and treatment has a strong scientific basis. Physiotherapists specialise in assessing and treating musculoskeletal injuries. Following a thorough assessment, a Physiotherapist will aim to determine a cause for your injury and provide you with advice and education on how to manage it.  Physiotherapists will then aim to treat your injury using a variety of techniques with a focus on manual and exercise therapy. Manual therapy techniques include mobilisations, manipulation, massage and stretching.

Physiotherapists aim to improve function and reduce pain for our clients, thereby assisting them to achieve their goals at work, sport and in their day to day life.

Our Wembley based Physiotherapists are equipped with substantial knowledge of the human body and specific skills. They undergo our extensive continuing education programme so as to stay in touch with the most recent developments in Physiotherapy and provide the highest level of care.



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Other services

Clinical Pilates

The Pilates method entails a series of precisely performed, low impact movements on the mat and using specialised Pilates equipment.  The technique enhances core stability, posture, coordination, balanced strength and flexibility through physical and mental conditioning.


Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation is an important part of the treatment for many conditions. This includes the spectrum of people from an athlete with a shoulder impingement problem, to a new mum with lower back pain. Exercise rehabilitation is also used effectively in helping injured workers return to the workforce, people suffering from arthritis and people recovering from orthopaedic and even general surgery.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been used as a therapeutic tool for many hundreds of years in many cultures, it is one of the oldest treatment techniques still widely used today.

Research has shown that touch is neurologically complex and has many physiological effects, this is the basis behind the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy.

Better Movement is Our Mission

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