Telehealth (Online) Consultations

Telehealth refers to consultations with a medical or allied health professional performed either online or over the phone. Similar to using Facetime or Skype to talk to friends or family. Telehealth has been utilised for some time to assist rural and remote patients, workers unable to get away and attend an appointment and those with transport issues. A number of studies have demonstrated that Physiotherapists using telehealth achieve the same (or even better in some cases) outcomes for their clients.

Obviously if your condition requires hands on treatment such as soft tissue releases, joint mobilisation or taping then you will still need to attend a face to face appointment. But in many circumstances the solution to your issue will be exercise based and this can be done easily online.

A telehealth consultation is similar to a face to face consultation and will involved:

a) Subjective questioning about the condition and a full medical history where required

b) The Physio will then observe your movement and function via your webcam or iPad

c) From these the physio will then have an impression of the issue or a diagnosis depending on the condition

d) You will then be instructed on the corrective exercises which you need to do. The physio will either demonstrate or screen share a video of the exercises. These will then be emailed to you and accessed via our app.

The platform we use for Telehealth consultations is encrypted and secure unlike Skype and Facetime. An initial consultation generally takes 45 minutes. The cost is $95. Follow up consultations take 30 minutes and cost $85. Most private health insurers are offering your usual physiotherapy rebate for Telehealth consultations. You may wish to contact them prior to your appointment to check whether you are covered. The Telehealth codes are 811 and 812.

For bookings and further information contact the centre on 9284 0388 or email mail@regeneratehealth.com.au. Online bookings are not available for telehealth consultations.

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